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3 Ways to Show Him He Matters to You!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I know you’re busy. People and tasks require your daily attention. The constant demands on your time can leave you tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s hard to muster up enough energy for other priorities. But letting your honey know he matters is essential.

Here are a few small ways to show him that he's at the top of your list...

1. Turn off your phone.

Give scrolling, talking, and texting a break for an hour at night. Use that time to talk to your honey about his day or snuggle up to watch a show with him—whatever you choose to do, make him feel that you are focused, fully engaged and interested in him only.

2. Write it down.

Men love to have their ego stroked. Why not send your honey a text in the middle of the day to tell him how good he smells? What about a red lipstick heart around his name in the bathroom mirror? Or a sticky note left on his steering wheel, thanking him for being an amazing man—these little messages can take you seconds but make him feel good for days.

3. Do the unexpected.

Breaking out of your routine can give you both a big, fat boost. Once, I was having a stressful afternoon and my husband showed up out of the blue. He had cleared his schedule to take me to lunch, so I put everything I had to do on the back burner. We chose a little café by the water, and spent an hour talking and laughing over a burger and a BLT. It was simple, but it was just what I needed to feel loved. And he told me how much he needed it, too.

These small pick me ups can make a world of difference to your honey. The bible tells us that the Proverbs 31 woman treats her husband generously all her life long. Do something special to show your honey what he means to you. Just like a plant needs consistent sunlight and water to grow, your relationship needs your attention to stay healthy and thrive.

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